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Re: [Help-gsl] hi :-) \o/ I've some problem with eigensystem

From: Giuseppe Marco Randazzo
Subject: Re: [Help-gsl] hi :-) \o/ I've some problem with eigensystem
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 12:00:58 +0200
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On Thursday 22 April 2010 10:20:39 tuc wrote:
> let A be a square matrix. then a eigenvector v to the eigenvalue a is
> defined to have the property:
>      A*v=a*v.
> therefor for any real number x (nonzero, zero is never an eigenvector)
> x*v is also a eigenvector of A:
>     A*(x*v)=x*(A*v)=x*(a*v)=a*(x*v)
> and since (-1) is a real number, mathematically speaking both results
> are correct.

ok :-) thanks in advance for the answer. Maybe i've understood. so it seems to 
be equal...but are symmetric and opposite values  

-0.735179 != 0.735179 


abs( -0.735179 ) = abs( 0.735179 )

so :| i'm just think that if i use the value -1 for x and the value 1 the 
eigenvectors which i get are symmetric and opposite in sign no?


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