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[Help-gsl] Handling lists, vectors and so on

From: Vicent
Subject: [Help-gsl] Handling lists, vectors and so on
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2010 22:58:06 +0200


[Sorry if you receive this message twice.]

In my C/C++ code I must use a kind of array of elements and I probably
will have to perform the typical operations on them: searching,
reordering, and so on.

I am speaking of not a large list of items, and not a hug amount of
those kind of operations, but I would like to do it in the faster way.

I've discovered STL Containers (I didn't have any idea about them) and
functions to manage them in the STL Algorithm library.

My question for the GSL list is a little bit off-topic, because I
would like to know if any of you is familiar with those containers and
if you think it is a good option, generally speaking, or, in the
opposite, they are obsolete and one can found better
solutions/libraries for handling vectors, queues, stacks, linked lists
and so on. Maybe there is something matching this needs in GSL, but I
was not able to find it (this is the not-off-topic part of the

Thank you in advance.

Vicent Giner-Bosch

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