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[Help-gsl] Forward: [FSF] Video: We must make freedom our goal

From: Brian Gough
Subject: [Help-gsl] Forward: [FSF] Video: We must make freedom our goal
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 12:23:50 +0000
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If you find GNU software useful, I'd like to encourage you to watch
the new video from the Free Software Foundation - "We must make
freedom our goal" - which explains their strategy for the coming year.

You can join the FSF at - the funds raised
help to support the GNU development infrastructure, as well as FSF
campaigns.  Thanks for your time!

Brian Gough
(FSF Member #37)

From: Peter Brown <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden
Subject: [FSF] Video: We must make freedom our goal

Please visit now to
view a short video "We must make freedom our goal".

In this video I explain the inspiration behind the free software
movement and the 3 strategic ways in which the Free Software Foundation
works to advance the cause of free software.

Today, I also welcome one of our newest FSF associate members Daniel
Bell (member# 8156), who wrote the following message yesterday when joining:

"I'm a computer science student living in Dumfries, Scotland. Ever since
I started using GNU/Linux as my main operating system in 2007, I've been
advocating free software to my close friends and family. I wanted to
show my support to the Free Software Foundation by becoming a member."
--Daniel Bell member# 8156, joined 2009/12/01.

If your not a member already, you can get your FSF membership, member
number and membership card at

Remember to tell us why you support free software and our work. We will
be featuring these messages on

Other ways you can help support our year-end campaign and support our
work in 2010:

  * Make a donation

  * Ask your free software using employer to give back by joining the
    FSF Patron Program

  * Get a T-shirt or buy a book at

  * Purchase a gift membership for a friend or family member this
    holiday season:

  * Put the video widget on your blog or website, or ask a
    friend to add it to theirs:

  * Subscribe your employer to our newsletter and FSF Bulletin
    ($240 annually):

The FSF campaign for software freedom needs and welcomes your support.


Peter and the Free Software Foundation team

Peter T. Brown
Executive Director
Free Software Foundation

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