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[Help-gsl] Re: GSL on a biomedical device

From: Francesco Abbate
Subject: [Help-gsl] Re: GSL on a biomedical device
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2009 09:15:14 +0100

2009/12/4  <address@hidden>:
> Hello again,
> I took only the .c files that I needed from the GSL library to do a nonlinear 
> fit and I tried to compile them and after some error corrections, it finally 
> works.
> Thanks again for your help.

Hi Florent,

I'm glad you was able to solve your problem but be aware that GSL is
licensed under the GPL license so you cannot incorporate part of the
GSL source code in your project if itself is not under GPL. In
particular you cannot publish it as a closed-source proprietary
software. People here can correct me if I'm wrong.

Otherwise, talking about your problem of integrating GSL to be built
with your project, there is a problem since Microsoft brings the
programmers to use their IDE wihich works outside of any standard. So
your project cannot be ported in other platform (unix, linux, mac os
x) without a significant rewriting on many parts.

I'm developing on Windows and on Linux and on Windows I'm using the
MinGW + gcc + Makefile toolchain. It works very well and it can be
used on almost every platform. The Makefile is a standard tool that
works on many platforms and in my opinion it is better to use it
instead of non-standard proprietary software.

Of course I respect completely your freedom to use whatever tool you
prefer, it was just to inform you that some alternatives exists and
they are based on common, shared standards for programmers.

Best regards,

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