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[Help-gsl] a project in recursive number representations

From: Brian Cartwright
Subject: [Help-gsl] a project in recursive number representations
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 17:39:47 -0400

To the gsl folks,
I am an amateur mathematician and have a project I hope to develop into
tools which could be compatible with gsl. I have an understanding of
standard C but am a very inexperienced programmer; I developed my ideas
without computers.  There is a general description of the algorithms and
features posted at:

It was suggested by Karl Berry that I write you to see if you have any
guidance for me.  I have been reading the GNU coding standards and it
recommends looking at Bison as a good example of manual writing and
documentation.  Would it be sensible in your opinion to write a manual
first, to describe what I want my program to do, in order to look for
collaborators and get recommendations on implementation?

I would appreciate your response as well as any referrals to people in the
GNU community who might be interested in corresponding

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