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[Help-gsl] segmentation fault using qag.h with GSL

From: chadia kanaan
Subject: [Help-gsl] segmentation fault using qag.h with GSL
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 17:02:18 +0000 (GMT)

Dear all,

I am a new user of both GSL library and Ubunto 8.04 LTS.
I have passed the compilation stage of my code successfully, however every time 
I try to run it, I get a segmentation fault on the level of the integration 
function qag.

I tested the  function with the example in the reference manual and it did work.
I upgraded from gsl 1.10-4 to GSL.11.1 and I always get the same error.

Please, if  anybody could help me, I'll be very greatfull,
All the best,

PS: the details of my compilation are attached to this message.
       In case you need the whole code, please, tell me

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