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[Help-gsl] OT: Care to chat C++ design decisions with me?

From: Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso
Subject: [Help-gsl] OT: Care to chat C++ design decisions with me?
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2008 15:51:29 -0500

Apologies for the offtopic post. Feel free to direct me to a better
forum to ask if you know of one.

I am writing some C++ code for radial basis functions, and I need some
help making some design decisions about this code. The actual
mathematics is very easy to explain, I think, but I want to have some
reuasiblity with this code in hope of turning it into a
widely-applicable library (which will be GPLed, since I link to the
GSL). To that end, I am not sure what's the best way to go with my
code, and I'd like it if someone who is very comfortable with C++'s
more arcane features, OOP, and a little numerics would like to chat
with me about it.

Let me know if you're interested.

- Jordi G. H.

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