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Re: Linux ZFS Grub compatibility

From: Xen
Subject: Re: Linux ZFS Grub compatibility
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018 14:17:03 +0200
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John Lane schreef op 12-06-2018 18:15:

So it must be some issue with the Grub version on Arch. I would have
expected that to be closer to vanilla than Ubuntu's but then maybe
that's the problem. Like you said, I don't know if Ubuntu's grub
contains any special ubuntu-specific patches.

I did not check these patches for you due to limited internet access but

if you download in your VM the Ubuntu sources:

apt source grub2

you will get a directory with all the ubuntu patches.

(First have to enable an ubuntu deb-src repository).

Further to this, I discover that the UBUNTU GRUB cannot read the zpool
created by Arch Linux but the ARCH GRUB can read the zpool created by

So the zpools are identical in terms of active/enabled features but a
zpool created by 0.7.9 gets those explicit disabled features whereas a
pool created by does not. I assume it is this difference that is
confusing Grub.

I don't think this is necessarily a Grub or Arch or Ubuntu issue. I
think I ought to ask this to the ZOL people....

I was going to suggest that it was then not Grub but the Zpool,

but at least I thank you for not having let my time here gone to waste :p.

But yeah, it seems this would be a rather all-present problem currently, not related to Arch or Ubuntu, as you say (but related to Grub in a way).

But indeed, the ZOL people should be aware of this?


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