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Re: Icicles [was: shell command completion gone]

From: rusi
Subject: Re: Icicles [was: shell command completion gone]
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 01:34:21 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 14, 2:04 pm, "Drew Adams" <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Rustom,
> If you think you've found an Icicles bug, please use `M-x
> icicle-send-bug-report'.
> > Reinstalling: The get icicles shell script missed ring+.el.
> > Anyway thats a minor point
> I did not write `', but I've just added `ring+.el' to its list 
> of
> optional libraries for Icicles - thanks.  It is not a required library, but it
> is used by one of the other libraries which is in the `get-icicles' optional
> list.
> > Well I find that uparrow and downarrow in vanilla (aided with
> > savehist) gets me history But icicles gets me the 2C-associate-buffer
> By default, `up' and `down' (arrows) in Icicles do not cycle history entries.
> They cycle completion candidates per the current completion mode (e.g. prefix 
> or
> apropos).  By default the current mode is prefix completion.
Yes I know
> To cycle history entries use `M-n' and `M-p' (or change the keys to suit
> yourself).  This is all in the doc.
Yes. I was just pointing out that that is not vanilla emacs -- your
earlier point was that simply using icy-mode without customizations
gives you vanilla behavior.
> > (Seems to have recently changed from forward to reverse or some such
> > so now gives zone-mode)
> Dunno what you mean.  There has been no change in either cycle order or
> candidate sort order.
> Apparently you were completing command names (`M-x'), and you cycled using 
> `up'.
> In that case, assuming the default sort order (alphabetical), the first
> candidate presented is something like `zone-mode' (up from the last).  If you
> use `down' instead, then the first candidate alphabetically is cycled first,
> e.g., `2c-associate-buffer'.
> You can change the candidate sort order using `C-,'.  You can reverse the
> current sort order using `C-1 C-,' (any numeric prefix arg with `C-,').  If 
> you
> accidentally hit, say, `C-1 C-,' and if the current sort order is 
> alphabetical,
> then you get a reverse alphabetical sort: `down' then sorts up from z to a, 
> and
> `up' sorts down from a to z, the opposite of usual.
> > Another thing about icicles that got in my way earlier (dunno if
> > changed recently) is that icicles stay around and show up unexpectedly
> > and uselessly when for example I kill another buffer
> Sorry, no idea what you mean, even after your later correction, which I don't
> understand either:
> > Typo: I meant icicles completion *buffers*
> If you kill a buffer it stays killed, in Icicles as in Emacs.  And there is 
> only
> one completion buffer in Icicles (and typically in Emacs): `*Completions*'.

I see that the behavior is different than the last I saw.  The icicles
completion buffer is still around and still useless (bringing it up
and clicking something in it gives me minibuffer is not active for
completion) but it seems to be 'buried' deeper than earlier so it does
not get so much in the way.

[Interestingly if I make the minibuffer active say with a M-x and then
click one of the (earlier) completion entries I get args out of range]

> If you kill a buffer without also deleting its window, then another buffer 
> takes
> its place in the window.  That's not special to Icicles.  (Personally, I bind
> `C-x k' to a command that deletes the window in addition to killing the 
> buffer.)
> Again, if you think you come across a bug, please file a report (starting from
> emacs -Q etc.).  Thx.

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