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RE: Cycle through buffers of the same mode?..

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Cycle through buffers of the same mode?..
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2011 14:13:00 -0800

> I'd like to generalize this behavior as follows: if I am in a
> buffer with major mode X, pressing a key will cycle me through
> all open buffers in major mode X. That way I could easily cycle
> through all my open org buffers, dired buffers, etc.

In Icicles, `C-0 C-x b' does that: Only buffers in the same mode are candidates.
You can then cycle among the candidates that match your input in the minibuffer
(e.g., hit `down' to cycle).

This is true for all Icicles commands that read a buffer name (`C-x k' etc.): a
zero prefix arg limits the candidates to buffers in the same mode.  A positive
arg limits them to buffers visiting files.  A negative arg limits them to
buffers associated with the selected frame.

You can instead filter the candidates on the fly to buffers in a given mode, by
using `C-x M' during completion.  (You are prompted for the mode, then
buffer-name completion continues.)

You can also filter completion candidates (any kind, not just buffer names) in
several different ways at the same time (e.g. buffers visiting files whose size
is > 10K), by using `M-&' during completion.  That prompts you for a predicate
to filter the current matches.  Use `M-&' as many times as you like, to combine

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