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Re: Trouble typing extended characters with emacsclient

From: Steve Revilak
Subject: Re: Trouble typing extended characters with emacsclient
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 07:16:42 -0500
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I'm hoping that one of you could help me with an emacsclient problem.

When I start emacs as "emacs -Q -nw", I can use the Compose key to
type extended characters.  For example the key sequence

  <Compose> " u

produces the character "?".

I cannot get the same behavior with emacsclient. Specifically, if I
start emacs in daemon mode

  emacs -Q --daemon

and use "emacsclient myfile.txt", then typing the <Compose> sequence
above gives "C<" (two characters), rather than ?.

Also, check the encoding codes on the left of the mode line.  Do they
indicate iso or utf-8, or do they indicate an ASCII display?


Thanks for the suggestion.  Below is the mode line for the response
that I'm writing; it indicates ascii.

-=--:@**--F3  mutt-sunny-1000-6359-23   87% (422,0)    (Text Server Fill)

(Mutt, my MUA, runs emacsclient as an editor.)

C-h v buffer-file-coding-system tells me

  | buffer-file-coding-system is a variable defined in `C source code'.
  | Its value is undecided-unix
  | Local in buffer mutt-sunny-1000-6359-19; global value is utf-8-unix

I've tried
  M-x set-buffer-file-coding-system RET utf-8-unix RET

This changes the beginning of the mode line to "-=-U:", but it does
not change the <Compose> key behavior that I described earlier.

What about iso-transl?

(require 'iso-transl)
C-x 8 " u  --> ?

iso-transl addresses half of the problem.  C-x 8 " u inserts the
correct character.  Within emacsclient, the character appears as a "?"
(char 63) but the actual character is "ΓΌ" (char 252).


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