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Always return a list

From: Johan Andersson
Subject: Always return a list
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 11:05:17 +0100


I have a struct. To make it simple, lets assume this is the struct:
  (defstruct package name deps)

The deps slot is for the package dependencies. Example of packages:
  (make-package :name "one" :deps "two")
  (make-package :name "two" :deps '("three" "four"))

To make it easier to use the dependencies from the code, when I call (package-deps package) I always want it to return a list. So:

  (let ((one (make-package :name "one" :deps "two"))
        (two (make-package :name "two" :deps '("three" "four"))))

    (print (package-deps one)) ;; => ("two")
    (print (package-deps two)) ;; => ("three" "four")

I tried doing this using an advice, with no success:
  (defadvice package-deps (around package-deps-around)
    (let ((deps ad-do-it))
      (if (listp deps) deps (list deps))))
  (ad-activate 'package-deps)

Can I do this in a way that doesn't require that much of a hack?


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