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Re: How to choose the right emacs on Ubuntu Linux

From: Tyler Smith
Subject: Re: How to choose the right emacs on Ubuntu Linux
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 09:34:19 -0500
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Maindoor <address@hidden> writes:

> |But now since emacs itself supports anti-aliasing fonts, I'm now    |
> |left with a dilemma, which one to use.                              |
> |So next I went to find proof of which is latest and bleeding edge.  |
> |and saw the version. emacs-snapshot is of course the                |
> |latest(                                                   |
> |but uses the old GTK+ (2.18.0) version. The emacs package           |
> |version is older (23.1.1) but uses a newer GTK+ (2.20.0) version.   |
> |Can someone provide the pros and cons of each and which             |
> |one might be better to use ?                                        |

The difference between and 23.1.1 are unlikely to be
noticeable to you unless you already have a specific problem with
23.1.1. Similarly, I don't think you'd notice any difference between
GTK+ 2.18.0 and 2.20.0. Just pick one.

If you are really concerned about using the bleeding edge, you can get
the latest development version here:

It's not too difficult to compile it from source yourself, and it seems
to work just fine. The latest version is somewhere beyond (I
haven't updated in a few weeks).



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