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Re: Guile vs ELisp

From: Stefan Husmann
Subject: Re: Guile vs ELisp
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2010 17:32:53 +0100
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Am 04.11.2010 00:11, schrieb Dani Moncayo:
> Hi there,
> I'm a beginner in Elisp, and have a question (just for curiosity):
> Go to the Emacs Lips Manual (edition 3.0 / Emacs 24.0.50), section
> "1.2 Lisp History". The last paragraph reads like this:
>>    Emacs Lisp is not at all influenced by Scheme; but the GNU project
>> has an implementation of Scheme, called Guile.  We use Guile in all new
>> GNU software that calls for extensibility.
> my question is: If GNU Emacs was to be started from scratch
> today, would Guile be better than ELips as extensibility language?
> Thanks in advance. Dani.
I do not know a project that actually uses guile. Even GNU 
projects do not do so. For example The Gimp uses Script-FU, a language 
derived from Tiny-Scheme. The window manager sawfish uses rep, another 
schemish language.

Regards Stefan

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