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bug#23497: grub2 crashes very often on user interaction

From: Elmar Stellnberger
Subject: bug#23497: grub2 crashes very often on user interaction
Date: Mon, 9 May 2016 19:34:19 +0200
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   Package: grub
   Version: 1:2.02.beta2-6

I am using Grub2 to boot most of my Linux installations. However whenever I do too much of editing to existing Grub config file entries at boot time Grub2 will crash. This happens especially often when I type the same keystroke multiple times in sequence or when I type very rapidly. It then hangs and a reboot is required. I am experiencing the same issue with different hardware; i.e. different computers; laptops and desktops using BIOS. This could be a security issue similar to another one which has already been fixed for typing the delete key multiple times (as far as I remember). Nonetheless the issue is very annoying when you have large boot menus to navigate in or when you need to experiment with different setups.

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