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[Health] Invoicing an Appointment

From: Khurram Shahzad
Subject: [Health] Invoicing an Appointment
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 10:29:11 +0500

Dear All,

I am able to nicely generate a health service invoice for a prescription. But, I am unable to find any way for generating an invoice for the appointment of a patient.

The workflow at our hospital is:

1. Patient arrives at Registration Desk/Reception Desk.
2. Patient shows his/her printed patient card, if already registered. Otherwise patient is registered.
3. For out patients, the Front Desk Officer (FDO), creates an appointment for the patient.
4. The FDO collects the appointment fee and prints the appointment form for patient.
5. Patient takes the printed appointment form and move towards the OPD clinics, where we do evaluation, write prescription and so on.

At step (4), we want the invoice for the appointment be created and the printing of only those appointments be allowed which have been paid for.

At step (4) we also want that the printed appointment paper also contains the QR-Code of the Patient to speedily open the patient record using scanner. It would be even better, if we could generate a QR-code for that specific appointment and open it straight away.

Thanking you in anticipation and sorry for lengthy email.



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