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Re: [Health] Demo Presentation

From: Ashween Kalloe
Subject: Re: [Health] Demo Presentation
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2016 15:31:58 +0000

Hi Mr. Falcon,

I have just replied to your earlier mail about the schedule for a conference. 
Did you received that mail?

Best regards,

Ashween Kalloe

-----Original Message-----
From: Luis Falcon [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent: Wednesday, 09 March 2016 11:55 AM
To: Ashween Kalloe
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Health] Demo Presentation

Hi Ashween !

On Wed, 9 Mar 2016 10:27:29 +0000
Ashween Kalloe <address@hidden> wrote:

> Goodmorning,
> My name is Ashween Kalloe. I am the application specialist in AZP 
> hospital which is located in Suriname - South America. As Hospital we 
> are looking for an Hospital Information System. Because of a financial 
> crisis in our country it is nearly impossible to afford a paid HIS for 
> the Hospital. Therefore we are looking for an open source HIS. I have 
> read a little bit of GNU Health and I am very interested to implement 
> your solution in our hospital.
> Can we get a Demo Presentation of the functionalties of GNU Health?
> Can we have a skype session for this so we can talk about the 
> possibilities for our hospital?

We already responded to your email. Anyways, happy to see that you're 
interested in becoming part of the community !


> Thank you,
> Best Reagrds,
> Ashween Kalloe | Application Specialist [Logo RTCS transparant small] 
> Radio Therapeutisch Centrum Suriname Flustraat Paramaribo, Suriname
> Tel.: +597-442424 | +597-442400
> address@hidden<mailto:address@hidden> | 

Dr. Luis Falcon, M.D., BSc
President, GNU Solidario
GNU Health: Freedom and Equity in Healthcare

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