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Libre games that might be worth packaging :)

From: swedebugia
Subject: Libre games that might be worth packaging :)
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2019 17:51:49 +0100


I just went through Julie Marchants excellent list of libre games:

There are so many! :)

Currently we are missing these (according to

A7Xpg - An arcade game centered around avoiding enemies while collecting as many gold pieces as possible. Centered around a "booster" which repels enemies and makes you go faster.

Adanaxis - A first-person 4-D space shooter game. Literally "adds an axis" to typical 3-D space shooters for a very unique experience.
Alex the Allegator 4 - A fun, lighthearted, short platformer.

Armagetron Advanced - A 3-D variant of the Light Cycles sub-game of the classic Tron arcade game. Highly configurable and very fun to play.

B.A.L.L.Z. - Highly engaging action puzzle game centered around a character that moves automatically. You start with only one action (jumping) and gain two more actions later in the game.

Battle Tanks - An engaging multiplayer overhead shooter game. Features deathmatch and cooperative modes. Includes a nice selection of tanks and weapons. When your current tank is destroyed, your character ejects from it as an infantry unit and can search for and board a new one, or continue fighting on foot.

Criticalmass - A simple space shooter game similar in style to games like Galaxian with great production value and balance. The game awards you with more/better weapons for playing at higher difficulty levels.

Dink Smallwood (GNU FreeDink) - A funny Zelda-style RPG.

Dopewars - A simple game where you buy drugs for cheap and then sell them to make a profit, avoiding (or fighting) cops along the way. You have one month to make as much money as you possibly can.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup - A very fun and well-made dungeon crawl game with a nice interface. Find the "Orb of Zot" and then exit the dungeon (without getting yourself killed, of course) to win!

Endgame: Singularity - A very fun real-time strategy game from the perspective of the Singularity, an advanced A.I. that seeks to eventually surpass reality itself. Help the Singularity achieve the highest possible state before the humans uncover its presence and destroy it.

Flare: Empyrean Campaign - A very fun, engaging, well-balanced, and detailed isometric action fantasy RPG about someone who has been exiled from their homeland and their quest to regain entry.

Funguloids - A simple arcade game where you control some sort of blob thing in space, collecting mushrooms while avoiding asteroids. The thing you control moves at a constant speed which increases as you collect mushrooms and move through levels, so it gets harder and harder until you finally mess up. Great production value and very fun to play.

Gunroar - An abstract naval-themed bullet hell game.

Hex-a-Hop - A fun puzzle game where you have to find the right path to clear the board of tiles.

Inside a Star-filled Sky - Progress as deep as you can into an endless abstract world. Your actions in the current level affect the state of your character in the next level. You can enter into yourself and enemies, regressing back a level, to change their properties if you find yourself in a pinch. Very unique and challenging.

Jump 'n Bump - A classic multiplayer deathmatch game where you stomp on your friends' heads. Features fully customizable graphics, allowing you to create any kind of map you can imagine if you are so inclined.

Krank - A puzzle game incorporating elements from Pool/Billiards. You have to use a large ball to bump smaller balls into their proper place. Includes a lot of variety and gets quite challenging later on.

Konquest - A fun turn-based strategy game which is a twist on the Risk board game. Send ships from planets you control to conquer others. Crush all other empires and conquer the whole galaxy to win!

Liquid War - A unique real-time strategy game: you tell your liquid what direction to move in, and nothing else. Liquid attacks enemy liquid when it goes in its direction. Your goal is simply to end up with more liquid than all of your opponents when the timer runs out. For such a simple concept, it is surprisingly engaging.

Meritous - A fun action-adventure dungeon crawler game.
Micropolis - The libre version of Sim City Classic. This is not a clone, but actually directly based on the Unix port of Sim City.

Mindustry - A pixel-styled "sandbox tower defense" game centered around building networks to collect materials and then using those materials to build defense systems. Fantastic production value and highly engaging, with online multiplayer support.

Mirror Magic - A fun puzzle game where you have to use mirrors to manipulate a beam.

Mu-cade - A unique abstract shooter game taking place on a ring. Knock your enemies off the ring while preventing them from knocking you off.

Nikki and the Robots - A very nice original puzzle platformer with a retro style.

Noiz2sa - A fun and challenging abstract bullet hell game with nice graphics.

OpenClonk - A fun game combining elements of parkour with elements of RTS games. Features multiple game modes and has great production value.

Overgod - A fun twist on the classic Asteroids, featuring several different ships, multiplayer support, powerups, and "asteroids" that shoot back.

Phlipple - A simple, but engaging puzzle game centered around folding 3-D objects together.

Ri-li - A simple game centered around helping a train collect all cars on the board without allowing it to run into itself. Effectively, a variant of Snake where you are only allowed to move along set paths.

rRootage - An abstract bullet hell game. Your weapon is a continuous beam that fires straight forward, and all enemies are boss-like.

Rocks'n'Diamonds - A highly sophisticated game combining elements of
Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine, Supaplex, and Sokoban as well as several original elements, creating an engine that is capable of highly varied gameplay. If that wasn't enough, the production value is great, too.

Sleep Is Death - A unique 2-player-only RPG, limited only by the players' imagination.

Slingshot - A fun 2-player turn-based strategy game centered around aiming shots so that the gravity of nearby planets flings them toward the enemy ship.

SolarWolf - A simple, but very fun game based on the Atari 2600 game
SolarFox, but with much better production value. Centered around collecting cubes as quickly as possible while avoiding gunfire.

Spout - A simple abstract game where you use a spray to propel as high as you can through the level, without touching obstacles. Spraying the obstacles erodes them, clearing the path.

Titanion - An abstract shooter game in a style similar to the bonus stages of Galaga, with great visuals and an emphasis on fast action.

Torus Trooper - A highly fast-paced abstract shooter where you travel down a tube as fast as you can, destroying enemies to regain your timer and avoiding getting shot yourself (which causes you to lose time).

TUMIKI Fighters - A fun abstract side-scrolling shooter where you can pick up enemy "toys" to use as both extra weapons and shields.

Which Way Is Up? - A simple puzzle-platformer centered around rotating the stage to make it to the exit.

Word War vi - A simple, fun abstract shooter inspired by the famous rivalry between Emacs and vi.

see also the authors own games under "games".

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