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Re: create a symlink

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: Re: create a symlink
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2019 09:15:32 +0100

Hi Rene,

+++ b/guix/scripts/system.scm
@@ -1151,3 +1151,5 @@ argument list and OPTS is the option alist."
 ;;; End:
 ;;; system.scm ends here
+(install-hurd #$hurd)

That is not going to work there.

#$ unquotes from a build-side g-expression (similar to what "," would do in a 
You are not in a g-expression at the position above.

In order to enter the g-expression environment, you could use #~ .

That would give you a lowerable object which someone has to lower in order
to get a derivation for it.  Then someone has to do derivation->output-path
in order to get an output path for that derivation.

Or put it into an existing block with #~ .

In your case, I would put the (install-hurd #$hurd) into a bootloader
module, I guess (inside "installer" there--which has a #~ ).

What is supposed to load the "/hurd" that would be created ?

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