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Re: Video narration

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Re: Video narration
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019 13:27:50 -0300


> Sure.  Can you give me a few more details about what is required:
Oh, that is really great, thank you very much :)

> i) how many videos are there?
Up to now, six (I have to upload the last one). But we can try with 03-help.
If you want, you can build them by cloning

> ii) are there two types of video, one for command line sessions and one
> for slides?
Yes! The slide videos are really easy, there is a transcript and I
home-made recorded the audios to help.  It is just reading the
transcript. For the command line session videos, it is more difficult,
since the timing is not that exact. In the latter case, I will create
the audios too, I did not do it during my internship because creating
the video for Guix days took me like three days for matching the audio
with the commands and I was not going to be able to create new ones.I
don't know which audio format we will need, maybe someone else could
help with that.
In the repo, maybe we could try with 03-help that has no cli session
videos. We could rename my audio files directory to have it like a
reference,and you could add them to the audios subdir. We can give it
a try with just one, there is a  wip-README but basically you have to
run ./build-video, sh 03-help and just wait.
If everything goes well then go on with the following ones. To watch
them, they work fine with mpv and VLC players. After we have them
working, they will be available in a VM for the community to watch
them and give their suggestions, bugs, and so on, so that they don't
have to build the videos. And when we have our final version, they
will be officially uploaded.

> iii) how big are the files?
Do you mean the audio or the video ones? I have just built the 03-help
and the final video weights about 18 Mb.

Regards, and again, thank you for helping with this :)

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