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Re: Using openjdk9 as the default JDK

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: Using openjdk9 as the default JDK
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2019 10:35:07 +0100
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Le 2019-03-05 10:08, Ricardo Wurmus a écrit :
Hi Guix,

there are a few packages now that require Java 9, such as
java-eclipse-jdt-compiler-apt (that I’m currently packaging).

We should aim to use openjdk9 as the default JDK.

What do you think?


sounds good, but that will give us a lot of work.

I'd like to suggest upgrading to java 11 instead, and build
packages that don't support it with the -source argument.

I've got some packages locally that require -source 1.6 and
one that requires -source 1.4. I do it in this way currently:

(add-before 'build 'use-1.4
  (lambda _
    (substitute* "build.xml"
      (("<javac") "<javac source=\"1.4\""))))

The build.xml is generated from the ant-build-system, so maybe
we could add a #:source-version key to do just that? Doing it
this way prevents some warning (and sometimes errors) that
appear when using an older compiler on a package with dependencies
that were build with a newer compiler.

I think our update to the latest openjdk would be a lot smoother
with this. What do you think?

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