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Re: Automatically building packages affected by submitted patches

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Automatically building packages affected by submitted patches
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2019 11:27:48 +0100
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Hey Chris,

> In short, following on from some previous emails about Patchwork [1] and
> tracking and inspecting how Guix changes over time [2], I've got to the
> point where I have a very rough setup for building packages changed by
> patches sent to the guix-patches mailing list.

This is great!

> With the goal of displaying a check in Patchwork about the
> build status of the affected packages, I need to compare what's been
> build by my Cuirass instance, with what has
> built. To do this, my current plan is to have the Guix Data Service
> monitor a number of Cuirass instances somehow, extract information from
> them and store it.

Would it not make sense to have the build farm perform the builds
instead of having a separate Cuirass instance?

>  - Looks at patch series in the Patchwork database that have been
>    processed through the patchwork-test-series job in Laminar.

Is the Laminar job something that could become part of Cuirass itself?


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