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[modules] plug-in survey lurches forward: Apache breaks the ice

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: [modules] plug-in survey lurches forward: Apache breaks the ice
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 19:11:57 -0700


excerpt of Apache entry plus revised attributes list below.  i'm
guessing it's easy for programmers if guile compiled modules avoid (0C
0D) and stick w/ (0E).  what do you think?  please review and let me
know if i goofed somewhere.

now's also a good time to ask: what would you like to see in terms of a
"build-guile-compiled-module" tool (i.e., command-line args, etc)?

next on the list is perl, but i'm going to skip to python instead; i
remember perl plug-in system being very hairy from swig dayz...


 00 -- namespace translation is 2 phase (external to internal)
 01 -- namespace translation is 3 phase (external to user-map to internal)
 02 -- loading restricted to "init time"
 03 -- loading not time-restricted
 04 -- depends on env vars
 05 -- passes through env vars prefixing
 06 -- passes through env vars modifying in some weird way
 07 -- unloadable
 08 -- part of PROGRAM feature list
 09 -- build plug-in program available
 0A -- requires filesystem direct mapping
 0B -- uses libltdl
 0C -- operation of plug-in is through callbacks/handlers (implies protocol)
 0D -- operation protocol "slices" or "merges" plug-ins
 0E -- operation of plug-in is freeform
 0F -- mem alloc by host
 10 -- mem alloc by plug-in
 11 -- can override host system variables
 12 -- plug-in machinery available to plug-ins
 13 -- plug-in machinery configurable

- Apache [0]
  - attributes: 13 11 10 0F 0D 0C 09 08 02 00
  - Spinner server[1] does (12)
  - compatible w/ NCSA 1.3 server
  - has "starutp and tear-down hooks" (13)


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