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Re: Guile-gnome package broken in Guix

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: Guile-gnome package broken in Guix
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2019 20:17:18 -0200

Hello Swedebugia,

> The package guile-gnome in guix is unfortunately broken and the docs and 
> examples are missing.

I've asked on #guix if someone could try and they reported that it works fine:

        <phenoble> daviid:  I just successfully built and installed the
        package on an up-to-date guix on ubuntu 17.10, so it would not appear
        broken to me.

There is a bug which provides to build the doc for the latest version, but it 
changed and it is available online:

Examples are not install by Guix, but once you have a working Guile-Gnome, in 
you should be able to run the upstream distributed examples anyway: just grab 
latest tarball, untar <somewhere> and 

        cd <somewhere>/gtk/exmples/guile-gtk-demo

Note that some examples won't work, but most do and especially the 'Application 
window', 'Tree View/List Store', 'Tree Model', 'Paned Widgets', 'Dialog and 

For a slightly more 'sophisticated' app, see GNU Foliot (though I wrote it a 
long time ago and plan to rewrite it, you can certainly look at the script (how 
define a script that launches an app using Guile (that install itself in 
and no-autocompile ... ) and also how to design the app using glade and load the
glade defs in guile ... 

> I tried fixing the package but it seems I do not understand gtk nor 
> autotools well enough to succeed.

I suggest you update your Guix version itself, then try again - note that 
Guile-Gnome pass 'make distcheck', so I'm not sure what you mean by 'fixing the
package', but you shouldn't have to do anything but either running the autotool
'dance' (./; ./configure [-prefix=/your/prefix]; make; make check; 
install) or fix your Guix installation and install the Guix guile-gnome package.

> I got these questions:

> * why are there no TARGET_DIR in the makefiles?
> * what is the purpose of the "guilesite" variable?
> * what is the purpose of the files in /defs/gnome/defs ? The makefile 
> there seems to try to check for stuff in DEFS_HEADER_DIR = /usr/include

You shouldn't worry with any of these, they are all 'internal stuff'.


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