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Re: Boot GRUB from USB - potential problem

From: Aleš Nesrsta
Subject: Re: Boot GRUB from USB - potential problem
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 22:23:02 +0100

> On 12/18/2012 5:09 PM, Aleš Nesrsta wrote:
> > Probably the only one possibility is to load all necessary USB
> > GRUB modules manually before issuing "insmod ehci" as You
> > recommend. I will try if it is working in this way, it could be
> > usable.
> You can also put the modules into a ramdisk and load that.
Thanks for advice, I will try ramdisk also.

Today I tried pre-loading of all necessary USB modules followed by
loading of ehci module. It works with some exceptions - I cannot issue
some commands like e.g. "ls" after loading ehci module.
It is probably because such commands lists or try access to all disks -
and GRUB freezes when it tries to access BIOS boot disk (even if I have
correctly set new values in root, prefix and locale_dir to USB disk
newly created by USB modules).

I tried to do "rmmod biosdisk" - it helps, GRUB does not freeze with
"ls" command after that. But GRUB looks little bit unstable since then -
it does sometimes something wrong...

But, generally, it works. It is fine that I found there exists some
way(s) how to solve booting from USB devices together with use of GRUB
USB driver when it will be necessary - that is all what I wanted to


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