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[Graveman-cvs] Changes to graveman/current/include/callbacks.h

From: sylvain cresto
Subject: [Graveman-cvs] Changes to graveman/current/include/callbacks.h
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 21:16:35 -0400

Index: graveman/current/include/callbacks.h
diff -u graveman/current/include/callbacks.h:1.5 
--- graveman/current/include/callbacks.h:1.5    Sun Feb 27 15:45:42 2005
+++ graveman/current/include/callbacks.h        Tue May 17 01:16:33 2005
@@ -42,10 +42,10 @@
 extern void gtk_data_removefiles(GtkWidget *Abtn, gpointer Adata);
 extern void gtk_audio_removetrack(GtkWidget *Abtn, gpointer Adata);
 extern gboolean gtk_do_eventlisteajoutfichiers(GtkWidget *Lliste, 
GdkEventButton *AEvent);
-extern void gtk_data_renommerelement(GtkWidget *btn, gpointer Adata);
+extern void callbacks_data_renameitem(GtkWidget *btn, gpointer Adata);
 extern void gtk_data_creerrepertoire(GtkWidget *btn, gpointer Adata);
 extern void gtk_audio_addtrack(GtkWidget *btn, gpointer Adata);
-extern void gtk_data_expandelement(GtkWidget *btn, gpointer Adata);
+extern void gtk_data_expandelement(GtkWidget *Abtn, gpointer Adata);
 extern void gonextpage(GtkWidget *Abtn, GtkNotebook *Anotebook);
 extern void text_buffer_callback(GtkTextBuffer *Aobj, gpointer Adata);
 extern void menu_active_panel(GtkWidget *Amenuitem, gpointer Adata);
@@ -89,6 +89,8 @@
 extern void _add_a_piste(gchar *Anom, GtkListStore *Aliststore, Tgrave *Ag);
 extern gboolean gtk_do_eventbuttonpress(GtkWidget *Aliste, GdkEventButton 
*Aevent, gpointer Adata);
 extern gboolean gtk_do_eventkeyrelease(GtkWidget *Aliste, GdkEventKey *Aevent, 
gpointer Adata);
+extern void callbacks_data_asksort(GtkWidget *Abtn, gpointer Adata);
+extern gboolean callbacks_try_to_select(guint Akey, GtkTreeView *Aliste, 
Tgrave *Ag);

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