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Re: [Grammatica-users] license

From: Per Cederberg
Subject: Re: [Grammatica-users] license
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 10:10:43 +0200
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Hi Marko!

Well, the two licenses are virtually the same, at least
in spirit. For some reason, however, the GNU project has
chosen to use GPL + linking exception for all their Java
libraries. As Grammatica originally opted for inclusion
in GNU, their preferred licence was chosen.

I'm not sure as to why they've chosen not to use LGPL,
but I assume that it is related to the much more tight
relationship between components in Java. The LGPL is
written for C libraries, but in Java a concept such as
"linking" cannot really be distinguished from "using".

So, in a sense, the GPL + exception makes things a bit
clearer. I must admit, though, that it is problematic
that there is no way to register the GPL + exception
license in either GNU Savannah or at,
making Grammatica appear to be a pure GPL package
until you take a closer look.

Hope that answers your question!



Per Cederberg, Software Consultant

Marko van Dooren wrote:
Hi, I was just wondering why the license of grammatica is GPL+'linking extension', and not LGPL ( My first guess is that they are the same, and in that case using LGPL would be less confusing. That is of course, if they are the same.



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