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Re: [gpsd-dev] [gpsd-users] Problems with the gpsd website move

From: Ed W
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] [gpsd-users] Problems with the gpsd website move
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2012 11:01:01 +0000
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On 03/03/2012 17:10, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
Bernd Zeimetz<address@hidden>:
I wouldn't mind to setup gitlabhq and provide a vhost for gpsd and even
sponsor a domain.  Gitlabhq is still in development, but upstream
responds fast.
Yes, I think gitlabhq looks promising, but still in early days and with
festures missing that we have on Savahnnah now.

There is also gitosis (the software, not the hosting service) and redmine (a trac alternative)

Neither have "email mailing list integration", but all can blurt out emails in response to stuff happening (is that what integration means?)

Mailing lists is the other thing which is a bit more painful, as it is
not integrated - and as they are  a source for a lot of spam usually -
even if you need a registration - I'm not keen on hosting something like
that nor would I recommend to do it on your own unless you have a nice
provider and enough time to handle it.
Yes, this is a serious problem.  And it's another reason that the friction
cost of changing hosting for a project (something I've had to do way too
often) is higher than people on the kist seem to be estimating.

I'm not joining in anymore, but:

a) I think moving hosting *is* a big undertaking. Hence my previous attempts to help you get it right this time

b) It's not clear to me what you actually mean by "email integration". If you wanted help, perhaps you should define what you mean by this, for example perhaps by pointing to another project which achieves this integration that you desire? As near as I can understand, you don't believe that you have such integration right now, so I don't see why it should become a factor in deciding to switch (no worse than the status quo)?

c) Related to b) It's not clear why you feel the mailing lists need to move if the rest of the project hosting moves?

Good luck finding a solution

Ed W

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