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Re: [gomd-devel] commited new manual created gomd project

From: Mirko Caserta
Subject: Re: [gomd-devel] commited new manual created gomd project
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 11:07:08 +0100

> just want to let you know that i commited a new manual created gomd 
> project.
> It is just a first idea ;) Please change/enhance it to your thoughts.

Great, I'll grab it as soon as I'll be back home.

btw: less thoughts, more code! ;P

I agree with Matt about libgomd+gomd both in c++. We need the c++
templates stuff and can benefit from using commomcpp. That's it. And I
really need to learn c++ in order to add a new row to my curriculum vitae :)

Furthermore, we have JP temporarily in exam-stand-by-mode. As soon as he
passes the exam, I'm sure he'll have more time to write code. That should
be around Feb. 20 if I remember it well.

btw2: if you see a "bello74" nick on #openmosix, that's me hunting for
women on #italia so plase don't kick me away from the channel :)

Yesterday night we had good laughs with Ramon when I gave him my: 

"top 3 things not to say to a /dev/woman":

3) I'm going to show you my cluster

2) Can you get easily overclocked?

1) I'm going to show you my last open-source project

Ciao and keep up with the good work!


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