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AW: patch for connection of nokia 3220 via CA-42 cable

From: Söhne , Burkhard
Subject: AW: patch for connection of nokia 3220 via CA-42 cable
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 09:13:12 +0100


> > with this small patch I can use gnokii on my 3220 without constraint. 
> > I've analyzed the traffic between Nokia PC Suite and the phone. The 
> > very first seq id sended from the software is always or-ed with 0x20 
> > (the result is 0x60 instead of 0x40).
> > Even if there comes a (rare) seq error (0x80) from the phone while 
> > working with Nokia PC Suite, next seq from the Suite will be 0x60.
> > Perhaps this patch will connect a few more phones to gnokii.
> Thanks a lot! Does it superceed your previous patch (the one 
> with the sequence)? This one look much better for me than 
> previous one. I'll test it with 6021 and hopefully commit.

Yes, you are right. The information which lacked last time was, how to 
initialisize the seq counter in the phone.
Spying out Nokia PC Suite gave the solution...


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