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getphonebook function

From: Marcin Osiecki
Subject: getphonebook function
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 23:40:15 +0200

I use Gnokii 0.6.4 and Nokia 3100.
I think that everythink is Ok with DKU-5 and program configuration.

I want to use gnokii to save all my contact from phonebook
to phonebook.txt so i use:

$ gnokii --getphonebook ME 1 end >> /home/marcin/phonebook.txt

Start of filee looks like that:

1. Name: Tato
Number: 509057521
Group id: 0
Cellular number: 509057521
2. Name: Mama
Number: 509057464
Group id: 0
Cellular number: 509057464
Home number: 757441613

I want to change those information to e.g.:

Can I do that with gnokii options? Where I can change gnokii output,
to be more usefull for me?

Marcin Osiecki
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