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Re: Which model to buy?

From: Andrew \"ruskie\" Levstik
Subject: Re: Which model to buy?
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 16:32:13 +0200

Well I'm getting myself a nokia 5140i...
I hope it'll work with gnokii...
It doesn't have bluetooth but I think that's a good thing.
And it has some nice bonuses like a compas and an audio meter.

For me a phone needs to have an xhtml browser, some connectivty
builtin handfree speaker and most of all nice big sized keys
and it has to be resiliant...

Atm I have a 6 years old nokia 5110... my first phone...
I love it... to bad the battery only seems to last a day
lately... mind you still the original...
the 3220 I had a look... it's to tiny for me but other than that looks
They are selling the 3220 here dirt cheap since nobody wants it...
I kinda like it but it's to tiny for me...

And as far as the no-tinkering part to get it working...
I highly doubt it that it's plug'n'pray  in windows as well...

Andrew "ruskie" Levstik
Source Mage GNU/Linux Games grimoire guru

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