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Which model to buy?

From: Matyas Koniorczyk
Subject: Which model to buy?
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 10:32:06 +0200


I'm not yet a gnokii user, but I would like to become one.

I'm just about to replace my good old 8110 to some new phone, and I would very 
much appreciate if you could help me by sharing your experience. I haven't ever 
connected a phone with a computer, so I'm a newbie in a way. But I'm a 
conventional UNIX power user.

So the key points are:

-I'd like to have a Nokia phone.
-It should be moderately priced, and rather a new model (so that I can buy it 
from my 
 provider with warranty).
-I'd like to use its GPRS and hopefully all its other capabilities, running 
 linux, with the least possible effort in compiling new kernels, hacking 
sources of
 different programs, etc. (I like doing this stuff but now I'm overbusy, and 
I'd like to
 avoid it as much as possible.)
-I would be happy if I could use it on a low-end hardware like my laptop 
 Satellite 440 CDT, Pentium 200 MMX, with a USB-1.2 connector, and IR), as I 
will use
 this laptop at least one more year.

So what would you suggest? According to the price list of my provider, a Nokia 
3220 looks feasible. Is it a good choice? What is your experience? Should I 
rather by a cable, or some bluetooth adapter? If the latter, which model is the 
most supported by Linux, and how to make it working?

I know, that some of you would say RTFM, but I would be most interested in 
hearing your personal experience. 

Thank you very much for your help in advance.


Dr. Matyas Koniorczyk, PhD
Research Centre for Quantum Information
Institute of Physics
Slovak Academy of Sciences

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