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Re: nokia 3120b with gnokii 0.6.8 -- can it work?

From: Avery Salmon
Subject: Re: nokia 3120b with gnokii 0.6.8 -- can it work?
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 21:39:35 -0400 (GMT-04:00)

Checking error.h I see that error '5' is
    GN_ERR_NOTIMPLEMENTED,              /* Command called isn't implemented in 
model. */
so I guess the questions I should ask is if getsecuritycode() has been 
implemented for any model number that
will work with my 3120b. (RH-50).   

  Is it possible to implement getsecuritycode for the model=6310?

  If getsecuritycode() can be implemented, is there any intent to publsh it?  

I can appreciate that publishing such a capability could be sensitive.

Thanks again,   

-----Original Message-----
From: Avery Salmon <address@hidden>
Sent: Sep 18, 2005 9:10 PM
To: address@hidden
Subject: Re: nokia 3120b with gnokii 0.6.8 -- can it work?

Pawel Kot wrote,

> I'd suggest to try:
> model = 6110
> or
> model = 6210
> or
> model = 6310
> and then extent the right driver. if you use CA-42 cable, the last one
> is most probable to work. Also you may want to try the setting
> connection = dlr3p instead of connection = serial.

> take care,
> pkot
Thanks very much Pawel, using model=6310 and connection=dlr3p worked - except 
the exact feature I want to use is not working.

I bought this unlocked GSM 3120b so I could use it in both US and UK.  It works 
with Cingular in US and O2 in UK, but as a "US GSM" phone it receives 
850/1800/1900.  Unfortunately O2 uses 900 in some parts of UK, so I want to buy 
an Orange SIM card.

Somehow I managed to set the security code to phone and the security code is 
not 12345.  (I don't think I changed it, but if I did I cannot remember it).   
When I try to put in a new SIM card it asks for the security code (of course).

I want to use --getsecuritycode to find out what the security code (or some 
other option to reset it).

Below is output of  --getsecuritycode.

Note that I added this line to gnokk.c, getsecuritycode()

    fprintf(stderr, _("Error is: %d\n"),error);

Is there any way to get that to work?

$ gnokii --getsecuritycode
GNOKII Version 0.6.8
LOG: debug mask is 0x1
LOG: rlpdebug mask is 0x1
phone instance config:
model: 6310
port_device: com4:
connection_type: 2
init_length: 0
serial_baudrate: 19200
serial_write_usleep: -1
hardware_handshake: 0
require_dcd: 0
smsc_timeout: 100
rfcomm_cn: 1
sm_retry: off
Serial device: opening device com4:
Serial device: setting RTS to low and DTR to low
Serial device: setting RTS to high and DTR to high
Serial device: setting speed to 19200
Serial device: setting speed to 115200
Getting model...
Message sent: 0x1b / 0x0006
00 01 00 07 01 00                               |
[Received Ack of type 1b, seq: 80]
[Sending Ack of type 1b, seq: 3]
Message received: 0x1b / 0x0032
01 33 00 08 00 01 58 2c 00 26 56 20 30 34 2e 30 |  3    X, &V 04.0
33 20 20 20 20 20 0a 32 31 2d 30 34 2d 30 34 0a | 3      21-04-04
52 48 2d 35 30 0a 28 63 29 20 4e 4d 50 0a 49 00 | RH-50 (c) NMP I
00 00                                           |
Received message type 1b
model length: 5
Received model RH-50
Getting security code...
Error is: 5
Security code is:
Serial device: closing device

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