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Re: damaged my nokia6610 using gnokii with CA-42 cable?

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: damaged my nokia6610 using gnokii with CA-42 cable?
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 21:26:19 +0200


2005/9/9, Stephan Maseizik <address@hidden>:
> I have got a serious problem with my Nokia 6610 which is not working
> any more. What happened?

No idea. You may see the gnokii ml archive to look through. We had
similiar reports but not with CA-42 cable.

You might have more information on your computer if you'd enabled
debug output. And it is always better to start testing with gnokii
cli, not xgnokii.
> I killed xgnokii and now my mobile phone seems to be broken. I can

Why did you kill it, not exited?

> press on/off to power on the phone and enter the pin which is accepted.
> After that there is no nokia logo as there used to be and the
> backlights go off immediately. After pressing some buttons the phone
> powers off completly! When I take out the SIM-card the phone askes for
> a SIM-card (normal behavior).
> Did I break my phone? Did I damage my SIM-card? What can I do? Is it

You probably need to give your phone to the service to fix it. You
probably didn't damaged SIM, but you will lost everything stored in
the phone memory. Also you may try to run gnokii when you enter the
pin -- you may be able to recover something (but there's not much
chance for that).

> save to test a second SIM-card of a friend using my phone or could I
> damage his card?

You may try to insert another SIM to see whether the phone works, but
probably it doesn't.

Pawel Kot

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