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nokia and sms'es

From: michal
Subject: nokia and sms'es
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 22:13:13 +0800
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before i start i searched quite a bit, still w/o answers.
  so i got running my nokia 7210, i'm new to phones; when i upload a
simple b/white picture, same ones as nokia's permanent pictures, i can
upload them to my gallery, or inbox(in inbox says wrong format,can't
open it,after uploading). So the problem is i can't send those simple
pictures, via simple sms, as attachement, as nokia can't access
gallery... i can use mulitmedia, but it costs...
  i can't find where those permantent nokia pics are stored,(one can
same new ones, which has been send to him via normal sms) to add my
pictures there.
are there any howto's explaining the heriarchy of nokia files etc? i
really can't find much.
thank a lot!

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