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6310i call diversion / keypress

From: Trevor Hawkins
Subject: 6310i call diversion / keypress
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 20:01:39 -0700


I am looking to send an incoming call on a 6310i to voice mail without
having to wait for the normal number of rings.

The simplest solution is to press the RED key when ringing, but I have found
that keypresses are not totally implemented in the 6510.c driver.  I noticed
that this has been a problem for some time, but is this still an ongoing

Otherwise, I was thinking of using something easier, like CallDivert.  But
if I am not mistaken, it also is not implemented in the 6510.c driver.  I
couldn't find any other functions that seemed to do this task.

Anyways, I am pretty stumped, so if anyone has any suggestions I would be
most greatful.  Thanks!


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