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Re: returns 0 on failure to communicate to phone!!

From: JPiper
Subject: Re: returns 0 on failure to communicate to phone!!
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 10:19:39 +1000

Thanks for reply...

Yeah, I spent all of yesterday trying to find out why if returns zero.. :P (did the debugging output not help?)
Both the config and cable work for 0.3.5 and 0.4.3 so I don't see how that could be the problem... In versions 0.3.5 and 0.4.3 gnokii returned -1 (255) from an error like this with a message like "Telephone init failed! Quitting." or something line that.. and now 0 and nothing..!?!

James Piper

Pawel Kot <address@hidden>
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27/05/2003 09:56
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        Subject:        Re: returns 0 on failure to communicate to phone!!

On Tue, 27 May 2003 address@hidden wrote:

> If someone wouldbe good enough to just tell me if their gnokii exhibits
> the same behaviour..? (just unplug the phone) btw I am using the sid
> source rebuilt for woody if that makes a difference..(?)

I looked into gnokii, why it could return 0 and not non-0, but didn't find
the reason yet. I can't find the place it could return 0 under such

And I suspect you use either incorrect model in the config or you use
incorrect cable.

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