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Re: KnokiiSync

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: KnokiiSync
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 01:37:14 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 14 May 2003, Dimitris Stasinopoulos wrote:

Hi Dimitris,

> This is to announce the release of KnokiiSync, a program that tries to sync
> your phone's address book with KDE's address book. Please note that you need
> KDE 3.1 and gnokii 0.5.0, with support for bluetooth compiled in libgnokii.
> At the time of release, the only phone known to work is the 6310i, but other
> compatible phones (like the 6310, 6510) may also work. Note that it does not
> currently "1-click Sync" (TM). You just select entries from either phonebook,
> and transfer to the other. If an entry exists in the "receiving" end, it will
> be overwritten, otherwise it will be created.

Well, I had a chance to test it at last.
Testing environment:
 - Slackware 9.0
 - KDE 3.1
 - gcc 3.2
 - gnokii's CVS as of now
 - Nokia 6310
 - DLR3p connection

First few good words. It looks nice, very nice. It is useful. It goes into
the good direction. Keep on doing think. I'm going to help if you are
interested. And quite nice website. :-)

Now few bitter words. knokiisync does not compile for me in the shape you
distribute it. The patch touches only one file -- will send you a patch
tomorrow, it's pretty simple.

The source code is a disaster. I understand that it is an alpha software,
but DO INDENT it in the CONSISTANT way. It is totally unreadable at the
moment.  I needed to reindent it on my own to find out where the extra
bracket is. Reindenting is not that hard: see indent program. And it would
really help you to get people invoved in hacking the source code.

Program does do connection to the phone on startup but does not read
anything from the phone. Some thoughts:
 - don't initialize connection on startup, just on demand; or better allow
to set in the configuration whether the initialization should be performed
on startup.
 - send some keepalives, otherwise the link will be lost

Most of the entries I got in my phone have just a name and a phone number.
Surprisingly *all* phone numbers (shown as preferred numbers on the right
panel) disappeared on the left panel.

I created anentry with more fields filled in (all kinds of number, email
etc). These fields were assigned to the incorrect entry after copying from
the phone to the knokiisync.

And at the ending: when I closed the application it didn't get closed --
needed to press ctrl-c on the console where I started it.

But anyway: good job, thanks for work spent on it. I think it's gonna be a
killer app. Just please do reindent the sources and don't put the function
bodies into the *.h files.

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