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Re: ISP and Gnokii 0.5.0 with 8110

From: Osma Suominen
Subject: Re: ISP and Gnokii 0.5.0 with 8110
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 19:53:03 +0300 (EEST)

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Neville Seed wrote:

> Hello
> I have compiled 0.5.0 and ran gnokii -- identify while connected to a
> nokia 8110i.
> This works fine, see the below output.

That's good news. Now the only problem is that the current
3110/3810/8110 driver does so little.

The debug output doesn't show any problems, at least none that I would
directly notice. However it would be nice if you could test sending,
saving and reading of SMS's with the command line version of gnokii as
well, since these are trickier operations.

> The question is what do I need to do to the driver to support using it
> to dial my ISP.

That's a tough one. The problem is, support for this existed in gnokii
0.3.5 but since then a lot of data structures have changed, code has
been relocated etc. 0.3.5 didn't even have separate phone and link
drivers for the 3110 series, everything was in one big clump

What I had to do to make SMS's etc. work was to basically figure out how
things used to work in 0.3.5, how data structures etc. have changed
since then, how the protocol works (that's pretty adequately documented
under docs/protocol/) and putting all that information together, plus a
lot of experimenting, I was able to hack the driver (that apparently had
been worked on after 0.3.5 but before 0.4.0) into working again.

The SMS functions were already there in nk3110.c when I started,
although I had to rewrite most of them anyway. Data call functions don't
seem to even exist, so you have to figure out what to do based on the
code in 0.3.5 and what other phones do. The 6100 series driver (and
protocol) is pretty similar to 3110 series, only more advanced and
perhaps a bit saner in some respects.

I hope this helps. You can also search the list archives for messages
concerning 3110, especially if you run into problems with the
statemachine. I started my work in January this year.


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