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Re: Nokia 3650

From: Fritz Ganter
Subject: Re: Nokia 3650
Date: 19 May 2003 13:56:40 +0200

Am Mon, 2003-05-19 um 11.52 schrieb Pawel Kot:
> On 18 May 2003, Fritz Ganter wrote:
> > I have troubles to get a nokia 3650 working with gnokii.
> > I use the bluetooth connection, but have to set the model to AT and the
> > connection to irda.
> That's strange. Could you please tell me what gnokii version do you use
> and what's your exact config?
0.5.0, my config is attached.
I get now segfault in misc.c line 173:

/* Lock the device. Return allocated string with a lock name */
  167 API char *gn_device_lock(const char* port)
  168 {
  169 #ifndef WIN32
  170         char *lock_file = NULL;
  171         char buffer[BUFFER_MAX_LENGTH];
  172         const char *aux = strrchr(port, '/');
  173         int fd, len = strlen(aux) + strlen(lock_path);

GNOKII Version 0.5.0
Opened configuration file /home/ganter/.gnokiirc
Added new section global
Adding key/value port/00:60:57:51:B0:69
Adding key/value model/3650
Adding key/value initlength/default
Adding key/value connection/bluetooth
Adding key/value bindir//usr/sbin/
Adding key/value use_locking/yes
Adding key/value serial_baudrate/57600
Adding key/value smsc_timeout/10
Added new section connect_script
Adding key/value TELEPHONE/12345678
Added new section disconnect_script
zsh: 8191 segmentation fault  gnokii --identify

I think I have bluetooth not configured right.

Fritz "der mit dem Linux tanzt" Ganter
 Key fingerprint = 555A DDBB 3985 16FF CD41  2031 C485 1783 BF34 728F

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