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RE: unusual cable requirement

From: B Judd
Subject: RE: unusual cable requirement
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 08:07:09 -0600


The car kit has a 10 pin port that will allow data to pass through.  if you
have the CARK-91 that is.  It is called the handset/data port

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Subject: unusual cable requirement


I'm using a DAU-9 cable with gnokii, everything is fine.

I'm now trying to build an application which uses the nokia 5110 sound;
I want to run the phone's sound-out into my computer 's sound-in for
DTMF analysis and recording to disk, and take the microphone line into
my computer's sound-out, to issue recorded voice prompts.

I have this partially working using a modified hands-free kit (used a
variable resistor and a few wires etc) but don't know how I could
integrate this with the DAU-9 cable and retain a connection to Gnokii,
which uses all of the handsets pins. I am prepared to take the phone
apart and use the physical mic/speaker, but don't really know
enough/have the confidence to go about this.

Has anyone seen or build a similar system, or have any technical
details on the 5110 which might help?

best wishes,

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