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Re: Nokia 3510

From: Dirk Meul
Subject: Re: Nokia 3510
Date: 14 May 2003 12:35:13 +0200

Thank you for answering!

> > Is it possible to configure gnokii-0.5.0rc4 so it will work with Nokia

Now i'm using gnokii-0.5.0.

> > 3510? I've found the comment about using 6510 as model, but that didn't
> > create a usable configuration.
> Use nk6100 driver and the method described in the last
> entry of Docs/FAQ.

Really nk6100? Modifying nk6100.c didn't make gnokii detect a mobil. Adding
3510 to nk6510.c didn't change anything. Same as using 6510. An unknown Nokia
is detected (not a Nokia 3510 (NHM-8)) but i'm not able to do anything.

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