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Re: misc datatypes

From: Ruotger . Skupin
Subject: Re: misc datatypes
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 23:13:21 +0200

In MacOS X both are defined in the headers you mentioned


Am Montag, 28.04.03, um 11:03 Uhr (Europe/Berlin) schrieb Pawel Kot:


Could you please tell me, whether the following datatypes are defined in
the misc operationg systems, and if so in which header?

The operating systems in question are:
 - Win32 (either cygwin, mingw, msvc6 or whatever you want)
 - MacOS X
 - Solaris
 - FreeBSD
 - OpenBSD
 - other?
The datatypes in the subject are:
 - uint8_t
 - struct timeval

For Linux they are:
uint8_t         -> <stdint.h> (defined as unsigned char)
struct timeval  -> <sys/time.h>

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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