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sms service

From: 980711446
Subject: sms service
Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 12:28:53 +0400


i've a nokia phone ,which is 6110. i've tried alot to decode the encoding 
between the phone and 
the pc, but i couldn't grasp any thing. i want to know the c code which will 
allow me communicate
with the phone to send and recive sms messages. i digged through the gnokii 
code i found a file
named 6100.c which deal with nokia 6100 series. the questions and problems are

1- the file contained the function i want ( sms sending and reciving) , but 
they have a FBUS_FRAME_HEADER constant. and i couldn't find it.

2- if i want to only send and recive sms messages, should i first establish any 
kind of connections
with the phone.

3- the protocol folder contained the files that talk about the hex code for 
each service(ie.sms, dailing a number .... etc), however , some times if found 
codes like 0x0002 and others like 0x05
how i'm gonna send this two bytes... i mean, putting two different formats (ie. 
one byte and two bytes) confused me a little bit... and explainations

i'd be thankfull if someone could help me finishing this problems.

thanks in advance


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