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redirecting --monitor output...

From: Tobie Kerridge
Subject: redirecting --monitor output...
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 15:44:00 +0100

hi, I am using --monitor and redirecting output to a perl script for handling:

gnokii --monitor | perl

Each line of output is sent to perl, as you would expect, until an incoming call is detected. In this case, the 8th line goes to STDOUT, and does not reach perl. Here is is:

CALL0: RINGING 07971966009() (duration: 18 sec)

As you would also expect, this is the very line I want to get to perl!

Does anyone know how to make sure it all goes where it is needed, or have a different programatic method for handling incoming calls with --answercall and --hangup?

bests, Tobie

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