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Re: gn_phonebook_entry: Last change timestamp?

From: Dimitris Stasinopoulos
Subject: Re: gn_phonebook_entry: Last change timestamp?
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 08:47:34 +0300
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On Tuesday 06 May 2003 00:49, Pawel Kot wrote:
> On Fri, 2 May 2003, Dimitris Stasinopoulos wrote:
> > Hello all, I'm developing a KDE addressbook<->gnokii-compatible phone
> > synchronization program, so I've stabled on this slight issue:
> Could you please make it publicly available? I was planning to do such
> synchronization so duplicating efforts does not make sense. In general
> it is important to do is in the generic way to be able to easily add
> support eg for evolution.

Will do. I have a working first copy (4 days old :) ) than copies from the 
kde address book to the phone and vice versa, with basic checking, but 
does _not_ do a full, sane sync yet. That's left for the new release, 
along with another stuff, like basic configuration (everything is hard 
coded for now)

> > I need to know when a gn_phonebook_entry was last changed. In
> > include/gnokii/common.h, I can see that the gn_phonebook_entry
> > structure has a member called 'date', which is of type gn_timestamp.
> > The question is: Is that what I'm looking for? If not, what is it?
> > And is there a way to do what I'm looking for?  Any help here would
> > be greatly
> > appreciated...
> If I understand you correctly, there's no such information provided by
> any phone I know.

That's a pitty :-(
Maybe we should write Nokia about this (bad joke)

> If you want to make the synchronization you need to scan the full
> contacts list. Keep in mind that it would be wise to synchronize in the
> direction pc->phone only the entries with the any phone files filled in
> for some phones (newer phones are capable to send emails, so you could
> synchronize all data in such case).
> pkot

Ok, thanks for the info. I'll post the link later in the day, propably in 
the afternoon


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