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Re: Re: gnokii on Solaris 8

From: BORBELY Zoltan
Subject: Re: Re: gnokii on Solaris 8
Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 21:15:00 +0200
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On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 09:01:18AM +0300, alex a wrote:
> Another problem. I have compiled CVS version on two mashines Ultra30,
> Ultra10. It works fine on Ultra30. On Ultra10 any command like
> gnokii --identify, gnokii --sendsms ... bring the mashine to
> BootProm. Did somebody get stuck on this?

Interesting problem. Theoretically it cannot be possible to crash the
kernel from an user space application. Are the recommended patches
installed on the Ultra10 too?


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