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Re: SMSD...

From: dirk
Subject: Re: SMSD...
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 09:55:22 +0000
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Well I am getting about 9 seconds per message.. that is if there is no 
incomming messages or calls..  wich isn't to bad.. 

The only thing that does cause some frustration is because I am using postgres 
as my data base backend, smsd grabes a all the relevant records that needs to 
be sent.. thus if I insert 34 000 records, the states of those records in my 
outbox will only be updated when all is done. So to get arround that, I 
inserted checkpoint sms's every 200  wich is sent to my phone, that way I can 
follow it's progress and actualy go home.. :-)

Other than that I am actuly having fun.. O yea.. had to put debug on, just to 
see when, and if its still busy.. don't know if there is a log function..

Kind Regards..


On Tuesday 24 December 2002 07:52 am, you wrote:
> May I know how many messsage(s) per secon or per minute it takes ?
> Thanks,
> -wawan
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> Sent: Tuesday, December 24, 2002 4:21 PM
> Subject: SMSD...
> Hi all.
> Just wanted to let you all know I am  having fun here.. sending 34 000 sms
> through a nokia 5110 , almost at the 10 000 mark :-) hope I make it before
> xmas..
> Using pg as my database and all running smooth...
> Kind Regards....
> Dirk
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