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Re: Some Nokia 3410 (and general) issues

From: BORBELY Zoltan
Subject: Re: Some Nokia 3410 (and general) issues
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 01:24:21 +0100
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On Sun, Dec 15, 2002 at 03:04:40PM +0100, Bertrik Sikken wrote:
> 1) I tried enabling the netmonitor for the 3410 by adding the PM_NETMONITOR
> bit for the 3410 in misc.c. Netmonitor seems to work perfectly fine with
> the 3410, both on the phone and in the xgnokii dialog.

Thanks, fixed in the cvs. Have you tried other flags too (e.g. PM_KEYBOARD,
PM_AUTHENTICATION). See the 6110 for details. There are some phone (e.g.
the 6110) where authentication is required to use the full phone

> 2) I also tried enabling the calendar. This works only partially.
> It shows the stuff that is in the "reminders" menu on the phone.
> The 3410 seems to use a slightly different format, the date is bogus
> (2092 instead of 2002), alarm date/time is correct, the text has an
> extra 0x01 character in front of it.
> I have a log of this.

Please send us.

> 3) I think it would be nice to get the network status using the
> gnokii commandline interface. The GOP call is apparently already
> there, so this would not be very hard to implement I think.

Send us a patch.

> 4) And what about getting info about the simlocks?
> I tried command 0x40/0x8A and it actually seemed to return some
> useful info. I have a log of this.

Please send us.

> 7) What would be the best way to develop for the 3410?
> Apparently it is mostly compatible with the 6100, but not completely.
> Would it be a good idea to start a nk3410.c file and somehow
> inherit all compatible functions from nk6100.c and make new
> implementations for the functions that are not compatible?

Inheriting the 61xx functionality isn't easy. If there're just small
differencies easier to implement it in the nk6100.c driver. See the
nk6100_capabilities[] array to see the preferred way.


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